Have You Seen My Ads

Have you seen my ads yet.As a mother of 2 and a great man and support system starting a shopify store was very easy at first.Now that we are over a month in we have been able to make more direct sales then online sales.Now I could have cried like a the brat I am but I am a strong Scorpio woman so I started stinging things.Yes my stinger attitude was in full swing for the last 4 weeks.I had my website examined by online web masters or what ever they claimed to be.I got my SEO right my boyfriend joined Tecademics and we got so much awesome information and still not many online sales.Now I am a very patient person and had too look at my real results.I didnt realize the things that we was doing right.We are just building the foundation and its very strong.I only been at it for 5 weeks and was expecting some type of viral Michael Jackson Moonwalk shocking results.You probably heard about the night MJ did the Moonwalk people was acting like he could fly and was automatically a God.Well I stopped from worrying so much and trying different sales ideas and had to appreciate myself.Yup I had to step back and say damn I am doing a great job we offer our own designs and others on a store that my whole family had an input in.I am doing great and we are not going to stop.I mean hundreds of women a day visit our store by google search not even from my ads.I mean that alone proves the SEO is set up right unless somebody had time to search 100 pages to find us.But honestly whats a dream without snoring in it .That last statement was a bad idea I instantly thought to myself that a dream without snores is a single women sleeping but ok lol.But whats a journey without rocks in the road and who are you on the journey.Are you prepared to fix flat tires and take the stress of a loss and dang it I am ready.So as usual I write a 10 foot paragraph venting my mind to the word and will update with you guys later.Oh and reply if you seen my ads or not.


Sign UP @ http://www.nothisclothing.com  Only if you like Yoga and Cats no im joking but seriously if you hate both your not human cant be your a Donald Trumped Up Person,

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