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Top Items You Cant Find

Well there is still 2 places that don’t get major traffic but have Fingerlings .Leggings and Yoga Pants obviously my shop has them 40% Off Plus Free Shipping Hello in my Wendy Williams Voice lol. sign up and save.Below is 2 places that have Fingerlings though and pretty good companies. Your Welcome Ladies.SHOP ON!


Bamboo Charcoal Products are available at the Charkol Authority.They always have Free gifts you just pay shipping that is how I became a fan.Maybe I can find something to give away and people pay shipping because that definitely sealed me in as a shopper with those guys.They have waterproof diapers,car filters,water filters,teeth whiteners,peel mask, The Best Acne Care Ever I swear so make sure to check them out.



Clothing for kids is always a hard thing to figure out.I would say Boscov’s have the best in store and online deals with name brands but as far as an item in particular I got nothing. Kids clothes are everywhere and so cute and adorable on our little human babies. Message me on instagram @nothisclothing if there are any items your looking to save on or just can not find and I will have my staff hunt it down for you.




They Love My Style

Omg!! What I am going to tell you did more than make my day.As humans we naturally seek for some type of validation or false approval we can’t shake it like the moon in the back window driving on a curvy highway.As you may remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post about The Charkol Store and they read it yes.Omg!! They reached out to me and actually want to feature my Blog Post on their website and pay me to use it. Not only that they started a contest for any Subscribers or readers of my blog.    I am far from an influencer Nahhh maybe I am I own a fashion line that’s doing well so I will take that atta boy.But they want to do cross promotions and even suggested a marketing expert that can supposedly ensure my success on sales. I mean all I did was show appreciation to their great customer service and products and they out apprecitated me with all this support.The good part is that I haven’t hit them with that question of  what kind of Yoga Pants does your woman like yet.Well I am excited to introduce the updated Activated Charcoal Promotion that they are dedicating to me at The Charkol Store.They have the Newly Popular Teeth Whitening Powder for free and The Deep Cleansing Mask as well.Now I have tried both and found out the Teeth Whitening Powder is related to God and the Deep Cleansing Anti-Acne Mask is the True Love Of My Life.No seriously they work fast and the CEO of the Charkol Store sent me to check ingredients of other Products full of chemicals to see why we really get OK results instead of Perfect Results.All the stuff we buy has ingredients that are really designed to keep your issues present.They sell us treatments and Activated Charcoal is a solution.Well If Interested CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR FREE CHARKOL PROMO  and if you Shop use code “CHARKOLDUB”To Save 20% Off.If you add more than 1 Free item Your Shipping will go up.Ok Click Through The Link Below And Hurry you see me make a blog about them selling out.By now you should have seen the need to check out the Charkol’s Shop and not reading this.Im kidding Enjoy their offer and tell me what you think about their shop.

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