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Well basketball fan’s I found some pretty cool items on a newer website.Now you can find some Tupac t-shirts and even some shirts with the clown girl from Suicide Squad (Harley Quin) but the main focus is not musicians or movie characters.These 3 gentlemen started a Shopify store based mainly on 1 basketball player.No it is not Michael Jordan or the great Kobe Bryant but the active King of basketball Lebron James.

What I like about Shopify stores that stick around for a while is they all start to look the same.I personally believe that when a store has that green Add to Cart button instead of a color matching their store them that they moved up a level or something.Our store didn’t have that but this summer when we reopen it will most definitely have one I hope.I interviewed one of the owners (called with some buying question) and learned a lot about Lebron James that I never knew.Example: Did you know that die hard Lebron James fan say he is better than Jordan as a person and that makes him better overall in basketball.I was taken back as the facts was being told to me in comparison between the two.I guess Michael Jordan invest in the prison system which is good business move since they are improving rehabilitation matters.But on the other hand Lebron James is investing in schools and programs to bring options to kids of all races,sexes and cultures to the point that crime will not be an option.

As I sat back and was just listening to all the ways these programs were designed with a lot of research and none other than genuine love I was blown away.I mean you would not have believed these guys sell merchandise online.They sounded like professors explaining how purchases lead to helping these programs because of licensing and their donations to other charities and etc.I felt excited and was just amazed at the research they did about the research Lebron James staff has done on 4th graders being the most important.Did you know that most troubled youth had issues with school in the 4th grade? I had no idea that would be the grade kids felt challenged the most.I mean maybe 9th grade when puberty hits but no it is actually the 4th grade.

Well after the beautiful history lesson’s i learned about Lebron and his foundations I ask if I could do a blog post about their store and refused to ask for a discount this time.I went back to their website I purchased a Lebron Jersey Hoodie for support of Breast Cancer Awareness.They called me and said they will send extra stuff and I tried to refuse and they wasn’t trying hear it.So I shared what I purchased on my fan page and saw the likes I got and was thinking about doing what I did with the Charkol company and promote them for Free because I loved their service.

Since my company is still backed up filling orders why not help them get backed up with orders too.I am joking (we are a seasonal store) we are not backed up anymore and they have a bigger staff than we ever plan on having.But I did email blast for them as sales people we learn that giving comes before receiving and I try to help people first.Now that I have found a 5th store in a row on Shopify that had great products and Customer Service I feel better sharing this latest store with you.I am not sure if the Sale ends today at 12pm or 12am but the 30% Off code was “DISC30” on their website.So cut and paste that and have it ready to use.If you like Lebron James or NBA Apparel then check them out today.


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Wowww! This Carbon Coco Review is Kind Of IDK!

The beautiful and honest Vlogger Sam Ellen released a Carbon Coco review that left me speechless.The marketing of Carbon Coco made me interested in using activated charcoal products.Now the fatal mistake that Carbon Coco is making is actually hurting people more than helping them.Now I can say that all reviews by influencers are real and not paid at all.

Sam Ellen and a few other vloggers have said a few things that has made me feel lucky but look at Carbon Coco differently.As a company with such a great marketing plan they deserve to charge what they do.Compared to other brands they are like Lebron James or Tom Brady.I say that because they are the game changers and the big names in the activated charcoal world.A few things that they missed is how to use their product correctly.I know people that work there have to use the product themselves if not then Okay I see why so many complaints is coming about.

Activated charcoal oil pulling aka teeth whitening powder is not meant to brushed on teeth like paste.Hell no after seeing Sam Ellen’s review I went back and watched other reviews and they all had 1 thing in common.The instructions tell you to dip and brush your teeth which is incomplete instructions on how to use the product.The powder is abrasive meaning it is like sand and can cut.People are complaining that their teeth is hurting and gums are swelling all because of bad instructions.

Now think if you had a jar of sand would you dip your toothbrush in it and brush away? Hell no that is insane and retarded.I am lucky that I found my activated charcoal supplier that give you complete instructions on how to use the product correctly.Sure some people have gotten great results from brushing away but others are physically causing damage to their enamel and gums.

The one thing that is worse than using activated charcoal incorrectly is a lot of DIY methods.You should not buy capsules and try to whiten your teeth by brushing either.The 2 powder types are refined different.The capsules are usually more abrasive than the teeth whitening powder.They both have the same ingredients but hey why harm yourself being cheap.People are also making DIY mask and ripping the flesh from their skin OMG like why.Do not follow everything you see on Youtube.I mean some methods are okay but be for real your getting discount results that are just incomplete.Your missing out and actually spending more money making the mask on the ingredients than to just order a peel mask for 7 bucks.

As I said earlier there was a few things Carbon Coco does that I believe that they missed.Well the instructions are incomplete is 1 the other is side effects.Now activated charcoal can be made from several sources mainly coconut.Obviously people allergic to coconut should not use it.But what they need to do is explain what can happen to the teeth and gums if use incorrectly or if over used.I feel like I am adding fuel to fire or doing a smear campaign so I really can not say much more about Carbon Coco.I mean I love their content and marketing but they just need to tighten up a few things.

Now as far as the price for their products I agree with that $40 for a ounce.They are branded very well and stand beside their brand.I pay less for more at the charkol store myself and they are also branded but sell all types of activated charcoal products.I have ordered water filters and skin mask and even reusable diapers from the charkol store.The prices are right and most of all they seem more responsible and have more information than any other store that I have visited that sell activated charcoal products.I did a review on their service as well as products before.All I can say if you want to try a teeth whitening products or need skin care products then visit them.

After my review they did dedicate a sale to me and it was awesome.I had one complaint about shipping time over the holiday season and was sent extra free stuff because of the wait.I mean that is a great company over there.They do it the right way and the prices and level of class is perfect.Plus they are 1 of few American owned companies.Now Carbon Coco vs Charkol Store is not a comparison in my eyes.I would say Charkol is really the Walmart of activated charcoal products and Carbon Coco is the Pepsi of activated charcoal.The thing is that Walmart sells Pepsi get it.Well you check both shops out and compare prices and products then make a decision.Thanks for the reading of my blog folks until next time Loves.

Sam Ellen’s Carbon Coco Review:




Charcoal Based Products – How to choose

Awesome Activated Charcoal Store!

With the proliferation of different Charcoal Based Products in the market today, it might be a bit difficult to decide which of those are the best and perfectly suits your needs. That is if you do not have pre-set standards when choosing these products. It would help a lot for you to decide which of these products you need to buy if you set your on standard just for the purpose. Here are some real quick tips to help you out.

Buy what you need


You might be amazed with the many products that you can choose from as you search for it in the market. However, tempting the benefits of these products are, you should stick to the principle of buying only what you need. Choose the product that you needed badly at present. You should remember that you can still purchase the rest as soon as the…

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When we say we offer all types of activated charcoal products we really mean it and show it.Our slogan “We Offer More Than Teeth Whiteners” is factual.As with all our products Activated Charcoal is used to enhance,heal and protect you.It is the same with these 3 athletic goods we outlined below.

Our first look is at our Activated Carbon Anti-Dust Mask:


This military design mask provides excellent filtration against most types of pollution an urban motorist is likely to encounter. The filter is replaceable and is designed to be effective for at least 3 months in normal daily use.Athletes of all types have shown the need to push themselves and elevate their abilities by using this mask.Some people use it for construction work and contracting as well exercise training.



Made through advanced manufacturing technology and high quality materials. It can help prevent muscle injuries in the knees as well as facilitate fast recovery after injury. It’s suitable for all kinds of sports. It’s recommended for the autumn and winter season to keep your knees warm especially if you had any past knee injuries.


3.Sports Safety Shoulder Pads


Flexible and wear resistant, constructed by high bamboo charcoal fiber and 100% cotton. Soft and comfortable, to give the good protection during sports and outdoor activities.Also promotes fast recovery from long workouts and muscle injuries.


Depending on your need for quick recovery from a workout or to enhance your stamina I am sure we got you covered.If we are really the “Walmart of Activated Charcoal” then expect us to keep offering a variety of products made with Activated Charcoal.Please Subscribe and Use Code “CHARKOLDUB” Save Up to 40% Off Your Order Today.

Thank You for The Charkol Store For This Beautiful Blog & Contracting me as we reopen our brand.Visit them Today for any Activated Charcoal Skin and Teeth Products as well.Try their Promotions page for Free Plus Shipping Items like the Deep Cleansing Peel Mask or Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder.