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Wowww! This Carbon Coco Review is Kind Of IDK!

The beautiful and honest Vlogger Sam Ellen released a Carbon Coco review that left me speechless.The marketing of Carbon Coco made me interested in using activated charcoal products.Now the fatal mistake that Carbon Coco is making is actually hurting people more than helping them.Now I can say that all reviews by influencers are real and not paid at all.

Sam Ellen and a few other vloggers have said a few things that has made me feel lucky but look at Carbon Coco differently.As a company with such a great marketing plan they deserve to charge what they do.Compared to other brands they are like Lebron James or Tom Brady.I say that because they are the game changers and the big names in the activated charcoal world.A few things that they missed is how to use their product correctly.I know people that work there have to use the product themselves if not then Okay I see why so many complaints is coming about.

Activated charcoal oil pulling aka teeth whitening powder is not meant to brushed on teeth like paste.Hell no after seeing Sam Ellen’s review I went back and watched other reviews and they all had 1 thing in common.The instructions tell you to dip and brush your teeth which is incomplete instructions on how to use the product.The powder is abrasive meaning it is like sand and can cut.People are complaining that their teeth is hurting and gums are swelling all because of bad instructions.

Now think if you had a jar of sand would you dip your toothbrush in it and brush away? Hell no that is insane and retarded.I am lucky that I found my activated charcoal supplier that give you complete instructions on how to use the product correctly.Sure some people have gotten great results from brushing away but others are physically causing damage to their enamel and gums.

The one thing that is worse than using activated charcoal incorrectly is a lot of DIY methods.You should not buy capsules and try to whiten your teeth by brushing either.The 2 powder types are refined different.The capsules are usually more abrasive than the teeth whitening powder.They both have the same ingredients but hey why harm yourself being cheap.People are also making DIY mask and ripping the flesh from their skin OMG like why.Do not follow everything you see on Youtube.I mean some methods are okay but be for real your getting discount results that are just incomplete.Your missing out and actually spending more money making the mask on the ingredients than to just order a peel mask for 7 bucks.

As I said earlier there was a few things Carbon Coco does that I believe that they missed.Well the instructions are incomplete is 1 the other is side effects.Now activated charcoal can be made from several sources mainly coconut.Obviously people allergic to coconut should not use it.But what they need to do is explain what can happen to the teeth and gums if use incorrectly or if over used.I feel like I am adding fuel to fire or doing a smear campaign so I really can not say much more about Carbon Coco.I mean I love their content and marketing but they just need to tighten up a few things.

Now as far as the price for their products I agree with that $40 for a ounce.They are branded very well and stand beside their brand.I pay less for more at the charkol store myself and they are also branded but sell all types of activated charcoal products.I have ordered water filters and skin mask and even reusable diapers from the charkol store.The prices are right and most of all they seem more responsible and have more information than any other store that I have visited that sell activated charcoal products.I did a review on their service as well as products before.All I can say if you want to try a teeth whitening products or need skin care products then visit them.

After my review they did dedicate a sale to me and it was awesome.I had one complaint about shipping time over the holiday season and was sent extra free stuff because of the wait.I mean that is a great company over there.They do it the right way and the prices and level of class is perfect.Plus they are 1 of few American owned companies.Now Carbon Coco vs Charkol Store is not a comparison in my eyes.I would say Charkol is really the Walmart of activated charcoal products and Carbon Coco is the Pepsi of activated charcoal.The thing is that Walmart sells Pepsi get it.Well you check both shops out and compare prices and products then make a decision.Thanks for the reading of my blog folks until next time Loves.

Sam Ellen’s Carbon Coco Review:




Charcoal Based Products – How to choose

Awesome Activated Charcoal Store!

With the proliferation of different Charcoal Based Products in the market today, it might be a bit difficult to decide which of those are the best and perfectly suits your needs. That is if you do not have pre-set standards when choosing these products. It would help a lot for you to decide which of these products you need to buy if you set your on standard just for the purpose. Here are some real quick tips to help you out.

Buy what you need


You might be amazed with the many products that you can choose from as you search for it in the market. However, tempting the benefits of these products are, you should stick to the principle of buying only what you need. Choose the product that you needed badly at present. You should remember that you can still purchase the rest as soon as the…

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When we say we offer all types of activated charcoal products we really mean it and show it.Our slogan “We Offer More Than Teeth Whiteners” is factual.As with all our products Activated Charcoal is used to enhance,heal and protect you.It is the same with these 3 athletic goods we outlined below.

Our first look is at our Activated Carbon Anti-Dust Mask:


This military design mask provides excellent filtration against most types of pollution an urban motorist is likely to encounter. The filter is replaceable and is designed to be effective for at least 3 months in normal daily use.Athletes of all types have shown the need to push themselves and elevate their abilities by using this mask.Some people use it for construction work and contracting as well exercise training.



Made through advanced manufacturing technology and high quality materials. It can help prevent muscle injuries in the knees as well as facilitate fast recovery after injury. It’s suitable for all kinds of sports. It’s recommended for the autumn and winter season to keep your knees warm especially if you had any past knee injuries.


3.Sports Safety Shoulder Pads


Flexible and wear resistant, constructed by high bamboo charcoal fiber and 100% cotton. Soft and comfortable, to give the good protection during sports and outdoor activities.Also promotes fast recovery from long workouts and muscle injuries.


Depending on your need for quick recovery from a workout or to enhance your stamina I am sure we got you covered.If we are really the “Walmart of Activated Charcoal” then expect us to keep offering a variety of products made with Activated Charcoal.Please Subscribe and Use Code “CHARKOLDUB” Save Up to 40% Off Your Order Today.

Thank You for The Charkol Store For This Beautiful Blog & Contracting me as we reopen our brand.Visit them Today for any Activated Charcoal Skin and Teeth Products as well.Try their Promotions page for Free Plus Shipping Items like the Deep Cleansing Peel Mask or Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder.

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Top Items You Cant Find

Well there is still 2 places that don’t get major traffic but have Fingerlings .Leggings and Yoga Pants obviously my shop has them 40% Off Plus Free Shipping Hello in my Wendy Williams Voice lol. sign up and save.Below is 2 places that have Fingerlings though and pretty good companies. Your Welcome Ladies.SHOP ON!


Bamboo Charcoal Products are available at the Charkol Authority.They always have Free gifts you just pay shipping that is how I became a fan.Maybe I can find something to give away and people pay shipping because that definitely sealed me in as a shopper with those guys.They have waterproof diapers,car filters,water filters,teeth whiteners,peel mask, The Best Acne Care Ever I swear so make sure to check them out.



Clothing for kids is always a hard thing to figure out.I would say Boscov’s have the best in store and online deals with name brands but as far as an item in particular I got nothing. Kids clothes are everywhere and so cute and adorable on our little human babies. Message me on instagram @nothisclothing if there are any items your looking to save on or just can not find and I will have my staff hunt it down for you.




They Love My Style

Omg!! What I am going to tell you did more than make my day.As humans we naturally seek for some type of validation or false approval we can’t shake it like the moon in the back window driving on a curvy highway.As you may remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post about The Charkol Store and they read it yes.Omg!! They reached out to me and actually want to feature my Blog Post on their website and pay me to use it. Not only that they started a contest for any Subscribers or readers of my blog.    I am far from an influencer Nahhh maybe I am I own a fashion line that’s doing well so I will take that atta boy.But they want to do cross promotions and even suggested a marketing expert that can supposedly ensure my success on sales. I mean all I did was show appreciation to their great customer service and products and they out apprecitated me with all this support.The good part is that I haven’t hit them with that question of  what kind of Yoga Pants does your woman like yet.Well I am excited to introduce the updated Activated Charcoal Promotion that they are dedicating to me at The Charkol Store.They have the Newly Popular Teeth Whitening Powder for free and The Deep Cleansing Mask as well.Now I have tried both and found out the Teeth Whitening Powder is related to God and the Deep Cleansing Anti-Acne Mask is the True Love Of My Life.No seriously they work fast and the CEO of the Charkol Store sent me to check ingredients of other Products full of chemicals to see why we really get OK results instead of Perfect Results.All the stuff we buy has ingredients that are really designed to keep your issues present.They sell us treatments and Activated Charcoal is a solution.Well If Interested CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR FREE CHARKOL PROMO  and if you Shop use code “CHARKOLDUB”To Save 20% Off.If you add more than 1 Free item Your Shipping will go up.Ok Click Through The Link Below And Hurry you see me make a blog about them selling out.By now you should have seen the need to check out the Charkol’s Shop and not reading this.Im kidding Enjoy their offer and tell me what you think about their shop.

These Items Are Free & You Just Pay Shipping. Follow

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Have You Seen My Ads

Have you seen my ads yet.As a mother of 2 and a great man and support system starting a shopify store was very easy at first.Now that we are over a month in we have been able to make more direct sales then online sales.Now I could have cried like a the brat I am but I am a strong Scorpio woman so I started stinging things.Yes my stinger attitude was in full swing for the last 4 weeks.I had my website examined by online web masters or what ever they claimed to be.I got my SEO right my boyfriend joined Tecademics and we got so much awesome information and still not many online sales.Now I am a very patient person and had too look at my real results.I didnt realize the things that we was doing right.We are just building the foundation and its very strong.I only been at it for 5 weeks and was expecting some type of viral Michael Jackson Moonwalk shocking results.You probably heard about the night MJ did the Moonwalk people was acting like he could fly and was automatically a God.Well I stopped from worrying so much and trying different sales ideas and had to appreciate myself.Yup I had to step back and say damn I am doing a great job we offer our own designs and others on a store that my whole family had an input in.I am doing great and we are not going to stop.I mean hundreds of women a day visit our store by google search not even from my ads.I mean that alone proves the SEO is set up right unless somebody had time to search 100 pages to find us.But honestly whats a dream without snoring in it .That last statement was a bad idea I instantly thought to myself that a dream without snores is a single women sleeping but ok lol.But whats a journey without rocks in the road and who are you on the journey.Are you prepared to fix flat tires and take the stress of a loss and dang it I am ready.So as usual I write a 10 foot paragraph venting my mind to the word and will update with you guys later.Oh and reply if you seen my ads or not.


Sign UP @  Only if you like Yoga and Cats no im joking but seriously if you hate both your not human cant be your a Donald Trumped Up Person,

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Charkol- Activated Charcoal Product Store

Hello folks.I was shopping for a natural teeth whitener after hearing about what flouride was really doing to my entire body and I found a website.The website was fairly new but I ordered a free sample and just paid shipping.Ok so I was not expecting any results for a couple of weeks so I really didnt look.I would say after 3 days I looked in the mirror to put my contacts in and I was shocked.Now my level of shock was at Tom Brady walking out of a Starbucks while his team is in the 4th quarter on Primetime Television.Now I stepped back and grabbed my phone to find a selfie of me smiling.After a good 5 minutes I realized that I don’t smile much in pictures.Anyway I finally found a photo and saw my yellowish clean smile verse my stain free bright shining smile.Ok so now I’m all about this charcoal powder.I go on Facebook and see a Carbon Coco ad and said hey let me order of their can because they are on fire.I get my new can and paid alot compared to Free at Charkol’s store.Then I compared the 2 and there is no difference at all.I mean If Carbon Coco was Mcdonalds then I guess Charkol is like Checkers or White Castle.I say that in a mind that they all sell food 1 is just more popular and have a right to charge more. But after reading into activated charcoal there is very few variations they can add to the powder.Now what I have seen is the different types of products in that industry.Activated Charcoal is now being used in vacuum filters,water purifiers and even air fresheners that pull bad stuff and smelly smells out the air.I wish that I did a before and after photo and even did a video but I hate talking on cam.But my conclusion is that any Activated Charcoal will work for you.The price means that the company you choose has a loyal support system of customers and have a proven reputation.So I choose Charkol.Store because they are new and their prices are affordable and they haven’t gotten grown and sassy enough to raise their prices on consumers yet. So give Activated Charcoal a try we did offer it after I used it for a little while but we sell clothing and beauty products and people dont think teeth whiteners are beauty products so we removed it from our store,Well at least I told you where to get yours today…for free.