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Charkol- Activated Charcoal Product Store

Hello folks.I was shopping for a natural teeth whitener after hearing about what flouride was really doing to my entire body and I found a website.The website was fairly new but I ordered a free sample and just paid shipping.Ok so I was not expecting any results for a couple of weeks so I really didnt look.I would say after 3 days I looked in the mirror to put my contacts in and I was shocked.Now my level of shock was at Tom Brady walking out of a Starbucks while his team is in the 4th quarter on Primetime Television.Now I stepped back and grabbed my phone to find a selfie of me smiling.After a good 5 minutes I realized that I don’t smile much in pictures.Anyway I finally found a photo and saw my yellowish clean smile verse my stain free bright shining smile.Ok so now I’m all about this charcoal powder.I go on Facebook and see a Carbon Coco ad and said hey let me order of their can because they are on fire.I get my new can and paid alot compared to Free at Charkol’s store.Then I compared the 2 and there is no difference at all.I mean If Carbon Coco was Mcdonalds then I guess Charkol is like Checkers or White Castle.I say that in a mind that they all sell food 1 is just more popular and have a right to charge more. But after reading into activated charcoal there is very few variations they can add to the powder.Now what I have seen is the different types of products in that industry.Activated Charcoal is now being used in vacuum filters,water purifiers and even air fresheners that pull bad stuff and smelly smells out the air.I wish that I did a before and after photo and even did a video but I hate talking on cam.But my conclusion is that any Activated Charcoal will work for you.The price means that the company you choose has a loyal support system of customers and have a proven reputation.So I choose Charkol.Store because they are new and their prices are affordable and they haven’t gotten grown and sassy enough to raise their prices on consumers yet. So give Activated Charcoal a try we did offer it after I used it for a little while but we sell clothing and beauty products and people dont think teeth whiteners are beauty products so we removed it from our store,Well at least I told you where to get yours today…for free.