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When we say we offer all types of activated charcoal products we really mean it and show it.Our slogan “We Offer More Than Teeth Whiteners” is factual.As with all our products Activated Charcoal is used to enhance,heal and protect you.It is the same with these 3 athletic goods we outlined below.

Our first look is at our Activated Carbon Anti-Dust Mask:


This military design mask provides excellent filtration against most types of pollution an urban motorist is likely to encounter. The filter is replaceable and is designed to be effective for at least 3 months in normal daily use.Athletes of all types have shown the need to push themselves and elevate their abilities by using this mask.Some people use it for construction work and contracting as well exercise training.



Made through advanced manufacturing technology and high quality materials. It can help prevent muscle injuries in the knees as well as facilitate fast recovery after injury. It’s suitable for all kinds of sports. It’s recommended for the autumn and winter season to keep your knees warm especially if you had any past knee injuries.


3.Sports Safety Shoulder Pads


Flexible and wear resistant, constructed by high bamboo charcoal fiber and 100% cotton. Soft and comfortable, to give the good protection during sports and outdoor activities.Also promotes fast recovery from long workouts and muscle injuries.


Depending on your need for quick recovery from a workout or to enhance your stamina I am sure we got you covered.If we are really the “Walmart of Activated Charcoal” then expect us to keep offering a variety of products made with Activated Charcoal.Please Subscribe and Use Code “CHARKOLDUB” Save Up to 40% Off Your Order Today.

Thank You for The Charkol Store For This Beautiful Blog & Contracting me as we reopen our brand.Visit them Today for any Activated Charcoal Skin and Teeth Products as well.Try their Promotions page for Free Plus Shipping Items like the Deep Cleansing Peel Mask or Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder.


Ideas for beautiful dresses with fascinator

In Great Britain, the headdress has long been a popular accessory for weddings, but the fascinator is becoming more and more popular. Not only wedding guests but also brides adorn their head with the hat-like structure, which seems to float above the hair. If you are looking for a trendy alternative for veil or hat, the Fascinator could be the right accessory for you.


Fascinator in all colors and shapes

However different the creations are in the hat fashion, they are so different in the fascinator. The arrangements can be made of different materials, such as lace, fabric or feathers, they can be kept simple or beautifully decorated with pearls, rhinestones or sequins. They are attached with a hairpin, a hairline or a comb. Which model you choose should depend on the rest of your bridal outfit, and if you prefer subtle, romantic or glamorous.


Bridal dresses with Fascinator: styling tips

Whether long or short hair, curly or smooth, basically fits a fascinator to all bridal dresses. If you are more reserved, a fascinator for plug-in or the hairline is a good solution for you. Decorated with pearls or feathers, you can put an elegant accent, decorate a flower or lace the structure, the romantic and playful.

For a touch of extravagance choose a fascinator from white or cream tulle or fabric, which is provided with a facial net. This variant is a modern alternative to the classic bridal veil. No matter which variant you choose: Make sure that the fabric of the fascinator or its ornaments in the wedding dress is restored.