Who Are We

NotHis Clothing is a female powered clothing line specializing in sportswear for women.The name was created by a real event its rather funny.I quit my job spoke with my fiance and told him that I am ready to open a business.He replied with a face full of concern,love and sarcasm and say’s “how are you gonna pay for that”.That part I honestly did not think about.So he started to do all the planning and thinking and so supportive.He found a shopify store and paid for it.He gave me a checklist to follow and goals and etc.Suddenly I felt like a kid again,yeah like back when my parents would hint that I need a job.So my soon to be husband was building a business for us.He was way out in front of everything.He was making deals on fabrics and speaking with marketers then the conversation came.This conversation defined me as a Boss.My sister and her husband came over for dinner.While eating my brother-in-law asked my man how is the clothing coming along “Boss Man”.All I was thinking was no he is not the Boss of anything other than our bedroom maybe.But anyway I laughed and said the clothing line is my idea he just supports everything I do.My sister replied and said I always have ideas and never follow through with anything.I was trying to be sarcastic but I blurted out its Not His Clothing LINE.My soon to be single fiance popped up and said Oh Yeah that’s a good name baby.So I agreed to the name but since I named my company I have been more empowered and motivated.I hope you enjoy our logo and fashion collection.We also have a featured product websites that we work with. 1 is retailertherapist.com and the other is ulanimarie.com owned by Mulani Marie.Both websites examine top selling items and trends and take 2 products from us and make a promotion sponsored by our company.So remember our name and logo you will see it alot.